A guide for creating customized fly zones that are specific to each drone and restrict them from breaching the zone during flight.

FlytNow enables the operators to create two kinds of geofences:

To create a Polygon Geofence on the FlytZip Dashboard

  • Before proceeding, ensure the drone is connected to the FlytNow dashboard. Then navigate to Geofence

  • Click the arrow to open the drone's Geofence card.

  • Configure failsafe for geofence breach.

  • Set maximum altitude for the geofence.

  • Select the polygonal geofence ✒️ icon and left-click the map to mark Polygon Geofence.

Set Geofence Failsafe actions

The operator has the option to set one of the following actions in response to a geofence breach:

  • RTH- Return to Home: This action will instruct the drone to return to its predetermined home location if the geofence is breached.

  • Land: This will instruct the drone to land at its current location.

  • Hover: This will instruct the drone to hover in position for the specified number of seconds over a waypoint until manual control is regained.

  • Continue: This will instruct the drone to continue if the failsafe is breached.

  • Now, set the Allowed Maximum Altitude or Radius. Note that if they exceeded, the set Failsafe action will be executed.

If the drone crosses the geofence, the set failsafe action will be triggered. If the operator wants to cancel the action, they can click the Abort button on the dashboard.

Disabling a Geofence

  • To disable the geofence, simply toggle off the Geofence state button as shown in the figure below and click on Done.

Resetting a Geofence

  • Click the Reset button as shown below to reset the geofence on the FlytNow dashboard and draw the boundary again if needed.

Tips for flying with an active Geofence

  • Before launching a flight, verify that all of the parameters are configured as per the geofence set for the respective drone.

  • Before executing the mission, ensure that the mission altitude and waypoint altitude are less than the Allowed maximum altitude.

The drone is pre-emptively reduces its pitch speed when it is about to breach the set geofence.

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