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Order Management

A guide for creating order, track the real-time status and even
Order Management lets the operator create and track order requests for deliveries. They can input order details and monitor their status in real time. The Live tab provides operators with a real-time view of ongoing deliveries, displaying the current location, estimated time of arrival, and any relevant updates. Completed deliveries are automatically transferred to the History tab, where operators can review delivery details, including the date and time of delivery and recipient information. Order Management help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and provide customers with a better experience.
Create order request
Request status
Ongoing deliveries
Order history
By following the above steps, users can easily create an order request on the platform and send it to the operator.
  • Navigate to the Orders tab on the platform and click on the Create Order button to start the process.
Creating an order
  • Enter the name of the recipient for the delivery and set Pick up and Drop off location using the search box, and type in the pick-up and drop-off locations for the delivery.
Adding pick up and drop off location
  • Enter the package details, such as weight and size, and the receiver's contact information.
Adding order details
  • Once all the details have been entered, click on the Send button to create the order request.
  • Upon creation of the order request, the operator will receive a notification on the dashboard and an order request email will also be sent to the operator.
Notification on the operator dashboard
Order request email

Checking the request status

To check the status of an order request the dashboard assigns one of the states to the order request to keep users informed of its progress: Accepted, Declined, or Pending.
  • Accepted - The order request is accepted and the delivery mission is created by the operator.
  • Declined - The order request is declined by the operator.
  • Pending - Order request is not yet accepted or declined by the operator.
Order status

To view ongoing delivery

For the operator to view the live status of delivery requests that have been executed. The status can be accessed through the Live tab. Follow these steps to check the ongoing delivery status
  • Once an order request has been executed, the delivery status will be updated under the Live tab.
Live tab
  • To view the live status of a delivery, click on the order request card under the Live tab.
  • The delivery status will be displayed, including the current location of the delivery, estimated time of arrival, and any relevant notes or updates.
Live status of the Delivery
  • The delivery status will be updated in real-time, allowing the operator to track the progress of the delivery and make any necessary adjustments.

To check the order history

Once a delivery has been successfully completed, the order request will be moved from the Live tab to the History tab. This feature allows the operator to revisit completed deliveries and view their order history.
  • To access the History, navigate to the "History" tab.
  • Once in the History tab, the orders history will be displayed, including details such as the delivery date and time, and the recipient's information.
Order History