Troubleshooting for DJI Drones

Troubleshooting for DJI Drones

Learn more on how to troubleshoot common problems with DJI Drones using FlytZip. Issues specific to DJI drones can usually be resolved by:

  • Keeping the firmware on your aircraft and remote controller up to date. Most errors are caused by incorrect firmware versions. You can update the firmware using DJI Assistant/Go-4/Pilot apps.

Frequently Reported Issues

DJI Aircraft activation

Ensure that your DJI Aircraft is activated. Here is a guide on how to activate your DJI aircraft.

The Drone is offline in the FlytZip dashboard

  • Ensure all permissions have been given to FlytZIp while downloading the application.

  • Check if the drone is online and connected also look if the device is running on the FlytZip. dashboard to eliminate slow network issues.

Failed to execute a Waypoint Mission

  • Ensure that the remote controller is in P-mode.

  • Check that you have the correct firmware version and that the drone is online in the FlytZip dashboard.

  • Recheck the mission altitude set on the FlytZip dashboard.

  • Ensure that the distance between the waypoints is more than 1m.

Failure during Mission Finish Action

  • Such a case takes place when the FlytZip dashboard displays an error message "Execution of this Process has timed out". This happens when the DJI drone stops responding to the commands being sent by FlytZip due to weak remote controller signals. Please go to the Diagnostics tab to look for this warning.

  • Ensure that the drone is within range of the remote controller and has no blind spots. A quick solution is to adjust antennas and plan the mission a little closer to the current remote controller range.

Failed Damping checks

The damping check error appears if two waypoints have an acute angle between them and a mission radius has been set. If the angle is too close, the DJI SDK does not allow the drone to execute the mission radius and the check fails. As per DJI- "DJI has the restriction that the Damping distance for Waypoint A plus the damping distance for Waypoint B should be smaller than the distance between A and B". Dropping the waypoints again usually fixes this error.

If not able to view the video stream of the drone in the FlytZip dashboard

  • Refresh the video from the FlytZip dashboard.

Waypoint actions set for the mission are not getting executed

  • Ensure that the actions have been set and saved while configuring the mission.

  • Verify that no mission radius/waypoint radius exists on the same waypoint. If this is the case, the waypoint actions will not function. This is a constraint imposed by the DJI SDK.

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